At the core, I’m just a curious soul looking to experience life and all the wonders it has to offer.

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Growth Is More Than Just Success

As humans we have one responsibility. To grow and evolve - relative to who we were yesterday. If we're growing, we're alive. If we're not, we're dying. On a sub-atomic level, your cells are literally activating and rejuvenating when you stimulate your mind, heart & body. The many [ Continue reading ]

Doing a Semester ... on my Parents Couch

The past 4 months, I've lived on my parents couch. ... and it was the best decision I've ever made. Hold up a second. **DJ cuts the music** I'm not really living on my parents couch. But on an air mattress in their living room... In a beautiful apartment [ Continue reading ]

Why Meditation

It's no secret, I meditate, and I do so quite frequently. I do it at least once a day, and on a good day I can get three sessions in. Actually at this point, if I miss a day I feel very out of balance. Why? Meditation is [ Continue reading ]

My Version of The Clouds and The Dirt

Since being back in New York, I have to admit, It hasn't been easy. The reverse-acclimation has been REAL... Living in South-East Asia and South America for 7 months, and then returning to the concrete jungle ... well, they're just two very different animals. Or maybe just two sides [ Continue reading ]