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Just Sing It, Baby

Just Sing It, Baby

As I write this now, I'm sitting in Wenara Bali Bungalows, the cute little hotel I initially signed up for before coming here.

(Yes - I love this place so much I haven't considered different accommodations. Thanks for the hospitality Katut!)

I will be starting my day, as usual, by jumping in the pool right after I'm done with this post.

I am currently sitting beside a bowl of extremely fresh fruit, an incredible omelet (that has some kind of delicious seasoning, MG-something), and a Kopi ;).

I fuckin' love calling it Kopi. It's not just the letters that come together but also the tune that they use here to sing it.

It genuinely puts a smile on my face, every time.

Which brings me to my first point.

People here in Bali sing their words. In America we are a culture that MAYBE sings to kids when they are young. But after awhile it becomes "not cool", or "not manly" or something.

I personally stopped doing choir in High School because I thought I'd be flagged as a loser or something. I was actually pretty good in 8th grade thinking back on it!

What's interesting is that, people tend to sing when they get drunk. Multiple times did my friends and I get drunk, and start singing.

What about when you're at a concert?

What about that karaoke bar outing the social person at work organizes?

Or what about birthdays? As lame as the happy birthday song is, we sing because we're celebrating.

Singing invokes some sort of internal emotion that makes us feel ALIVE as human beings.

Something about the change in tonality and synchronicity that just makes the human brain say "FUCK YEAH".

So don't be afraid to start singing your words, or dance to where ever it is you're going in this beautiful thing called life.

It's the little things in life that matter, baby.

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