Growth Is More Than Just Success

As humans we have one responsibility. To grow and evolve - relative to who we were yesterday. If we're…

As humans we have one responsibility.

To grow and evolve - relative to who we were yesterday.

If we're growing, we're alive. If we're not, we're dying.

On a sub-atomic level, your cells are literally activating and rejuvenating when you stimulate your mind, heart & body.

The many Manifestations of Growth

Growth can take on many forms.

Depending on who you are, your growth priority may be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

It would be foolish for you ignore any one of these, especially in 2017.

I think the bone I have to pick with mainstream media, is that they emphasize physical and mental growth, but not emotional and spiritual.

While it's true that emotional and spiritual growth, is a deeper kind of growth, I would argue that the sooner you dive into these deeper areas of growth, the happier & and more fulfilled you will be AND more successful you will be.

Why this is definitely the future

I'm sure you can't help but notice all of the buzz about Meditation and Yoga in recent years.

But why? What's happening in the world right now?

Let's have a gander...


Our generation is fundamentally different than our parents.

This notion of a generation gap has existed since the beginning of human pro-creation (Adam & Eve), however since the advent of the Internet, our species is evolving at a rate that was unimaginable before.

With all the information and resources we could ever imagine at our fingertips, it's never been easier to grow, live in abundance, generate wealth, ect.

Our parents generation was the generation of the corporate job.

Good benefits, job security -- this was the Holy Grail only a few decades ago!

But us Millennials - we want to travel, work less, have rich life experiences, work purposefully and meaningfully, and live in the abundance that this world has to offer.

The generation gap has never been bigger.

Your job -- is listen to your own soul and path, and not give into your parents out-dated line of thinking.

Sounds harsh - but it would behoove you to do it.

I know Gary Vaynerchuck is gaining some serious mainstream adoption right now, and its exactly because he preaches this same stuff.

Trust your gut, not your parents.


Your parents aren't bad people. They are probably actually great people.

It's just evolution taking it's course.

The world we live in today, is actually unfathomably different than the one our parents were born into.

And as a by-product of evolution, there are paradigm shifts.

The biggest paradigm shift that I'm seeing is what most would label Consciousness.

I would argue, that we are entering a time period of a fundamental shift in human evolution.

Where humans are actually moving away from habits that are limiting there human potential, and into a time-period where humans are leveraging and pursuing god-given gifts and trying to express them in the world.

And the only way to pursue your god-given gift, is to be self-aware.

And the only way to be self-aware, is literally taking that shit yourself.

Self-awareness is something you hone.

And you hone it, by leveraging some type of emotional or spiritual practice.

At this point, I have a buffet of techniques that I use, but of course the most popular and frictionless one's are Yoga and Meditation.

Programming the mind

If you haven't noticed, we humans, run a program.

Don't believe me?

Ask yourself:

  1. Do you like Pizza? I bet the answer will be yes. This answer is stored somewhere in your mind. You don't need to try Pizza again in order to answer. Your mind has a heuristic for such a question.

  2. Do you like Anchovies? The answer might be no. But a quick query to your mind, will reveal what's stored. And this answer could be outdated. You could have tried Anchovies when you were 5 years old, and didn't like it, and never revisited Anchovies since.

This heuristic / type of optimization is great, but has it's drawbacks and limitations. And this is something you need to be aware of.


Buddhism is predicated on this story I'm about to tell you, that was originally told by the Buddha:

There was once a man who wanted to cross a river.

The only way he was going to be able to cross was if he built a boat.

So he recognized that he needed to build a boat, and was able to successfully build one.

Then with his boat, he crossed the river.

When he got to the other side of the river, he needed to continue on his journey through the forest.

So now, he was contemplating with the question, "Do I drag the boat through the forest?", just so I don't need to rebuild this boat again at the next river (there may not be another river).

The answer of course is no. It would be highly inefficient to navigate the forest with a boat.

The lesson the Buddah was trying to teach here, was that sometimes we accept certain beliefs or take on certain perspectives, because it serves us in accomplishing a task.

But this may only serve you temporarily. And it's probably good for you to be able to shed things that don't serve you don't the road.

Kind of like in the river example, you can ditch the boat.

Ditch your old programs

And just like you can physically ditch the boat, you can emotionally detach from past tragedies, or re-program certain parts of your beliefs to better match who you need to show up as today.

Wisdom, The Ultimate Human Growth

While it's hugely important to make shit happen and create value and success and fortune in your life.

Wisdom, is equally as important.

There's tons of successful people that are unhappy.

Do you think that's a life worth living?

I personally don't. I personally think it's crazy that some people don't care about happiness.

The idea behind Wisdom, is that it gives you a framework to understand who you are, and your role on this thriving planet.

When you are able to really tap into that, you will live a truly rich life.

In Conclusion

You're a human, living in an amazing time to be a human. Make it count.

Thanks Rashid Gilanpour for sharing the Buddha story with me yesterday