Doing a Semester ... on my Parents Couch

The past 4 months, I've lived on my parents couch. ... and it was the best decision I've ever made.…

The past 4 months, I've lived on my parents couch.

... and it was the best decision I've ever made.

Hold up a second.

**DJ cuts the music**

I'm not really living on my parents couch.

But on an air mattress in their living room... In a beautiful apartment building in NYC.

In other words, I'm living the dream.

Well my dream that is...

Let me tell you why this is my dream.

I'm an entrepreneur. And to me, a big part of what that means: I will do whatever it takes to go after my dreams.

My passion is my driver and my intuition is what guides me.

After my epic travel adventure, I knew it was time to find a new direction for my work.

I knew the best place to find that direction would be at home. Where my friends and family are. Where my roots are.

It just so happens that my parents moved to NYC now. And NYC happens to be one of, if not the most fast-moving dynamic places, where people make shit happen. fast.

Did I say fast ... ?

It only took about two weeks of coffee meetings with some buddies to figure out my new direction.

Thanks Harry Raymond and Raad Ahmed :).

And that new direction is the magical world of chatbots, a recent paradigm shift, in the fundamental way we will be interacting with apps and services in the near future.

Those of you who are not aware of what chatbots are, they are conversational user interfaces, such that you will be having natural language conversations with the next generation of apps and services.

Pretty cool, ay? I think so too :).

Anyway, living in my parents living room has been a blessing on so many levels.

It gave me an opportunity to really reconnect with them at this stage of my life and have them get to know who I am today. Which I think is invaluable.

I also was able to not be stressed for cash.

Rent in NYC is super expensive and bootstrapping a business can be scary, as many entrepreneurs know.

On top of all that, it showed me that I can be quite a minimalist.

I don't need very much materials to be happy. Especially not right now, at 26 years old.

I just need to be progressing. Working towards my dreams.

So what am I working on

So in favor of being transparent and updating those who care about what I'm up to, I'm going to write up a small section about what that looks like today.

Also, because I'm super fucking excited about it.

There are no experts. Only pioneers.

Okay, so since chatbots and conversational UI is a new field of work, there's no experts in the space.

That's typically a scary thing for companies that operate in a corporate structure. Because they rely so heavily on communicating with established standards in order to scale their organization.

As you can probably discern, this then poses a huge advantage for passionate entrepreneurs and startups that want to make their mark and pave the way for an entire industry.

This is one of the most compelling reasons I chose to jump into this space.

It's scary and there's tons of uncertainty, but that's exactly where I want to play the game.

That's where I know I will win.

Open source game is about to be ON

I'm new to this game.

First time playing pioneer.

But if you know me, you know I definitely won't be a sleeping while things are being invented ;).

I've been working in isolation for a little over 4 months on a secret project I'm calling Mermaid.

I just spent 4 months spilling every ounce of energy from my heart and soul into.

A framework.

For the Chatbot development community.

That I'm releasing tomorrow to the open source software community.

This framework will be a major game-changer for the industry, and hopefully one of many contributions that I am able to offer.

Personal Development

In other news, I'm super happy.

Possibly, happiest I've been ever.

Aside from the obvious, surround yourself with really beautiful people, here's a few things that have really drastically increased happiness.

A drive to get to know myself better

In order to be happy, I think you need to discover your formula.

Everyone has a different one.

And so everyday I work towards learning more about what that formula looks like for me.

Also trying new things. Discovering new things that I enjoy, are among the best feelings I get these days.

Tom day

One day a week, I dedicate to myself, and loving myself.

Because you can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself!!

And after all, you can choose to live in two ways.

Love or Fear.

I choose love my friends. I choose love.

Tom day usually consists of going to one of the NYC parks, meet people and just chatting about life and awesome shit like that.

Most I won't see ever again, some I facebook friend and will remain in touch with.

It's quite therapeutic, for all parties, and is quite magical if you find someone with common interests.

NYC is amazing, btw.

So many interesting people, it's insane.

Stop people pleasing

Historically, I've been a habitual people pleaser.

Just recently I've made a stand that if it's not right for me, it's not right for anyone haha.

No but seriously every decision I make gets cross-checked with does this feel right for me, and the IMMEDIATE gut reaction is what I go by.

If it doesn't feel right, I opt-out. Everytime.

Everytime I've operated from that place of truth, I've never had regret.

It's something I recently started doing, and although sometimes peoples reactions are not pleased, I know deep down inside it's the right thing for everyone.

✌️ Alchohol

After going back and forth a little while, I decided to kick alchohol to the curb.

That's all I got to report from that front. I've written lots about this subject.

Next steps

Since bootstrapping my new business has been working out, thankfully, I will be relocating to Venice beach, LA, a dream of mine, in the fall.

I will be accepting my reward for following my dreams ;).

Choose love, ya'll.