Why Meditation

It's no secret, I meditate, and I do so quite frequently. I do it at least once a day,…

It's no secret, I meditate, and I do so quite frequently.

I do it at least once a day, and on a good day I can get three sessions in.

Actually at this point, if I miss a day I feel very out of balance.


Meditation is going to the gym, for the mind.

But the question is why is it so important?

People have asked me, "What's the point?"

"Why do you do these mental push ups?"

And for a long time, I couldn't articulate it.

After all, I'm fairly knew to the practice.

I've known to tell them the benefits.

Like... I know it's definitely reduced stress, helped me masterfully control my emotions, and increased focus.

It's made me build a much higher level of awareness, and almost slow down life and make me much more present in the moment.

Which all and all, has led me to be able to manifest or materialize my wishes into reality, and therefore has made me a much happier human being.

But what's the magic that goes on behind these meditations that allow for all these benefits and ultimately increased happiness?

And now, I think I have an answer.

.. Or at least my best stab at it.

So here it goes.

Meditation Demystified

Meditation, and the way I've come to understand it is basically the following:

You sit with yourself in silence, and create a space for introspection.

So what does that mean?

By definition, Introspection means the process of looking inside.

In human beings, this means to comb through all the shit (good and bad) that you experience in your day-to-day activities.

And by comb through, I mean take this stuff ON.

Instead of putting it OFF, a.k.a neglecting the stuff that's going on in your life, by focusing your attention, on say ... Game of Thrones.

Or worse, using alcohol as a way to numb your pain.

So as you can imagine, the activity of taking your emotions ON is emotionally draining and courageous.

As any meditation practitioner could tell you, It's not always fun.

But let that not deter you!

Because courage is beautifully quality, and it's a muscle. Meaning the more you exercise it, the easier it gets.


You need to be okay with looking at the good, bad, and ugly. After all, it's all apart of who you are.

And is what will lead to self-awareness, which is a huge blocker for people, and achieving self-actualization, aka figuring out your purpose on this planet. More on self-actualization and self-awareness later.

For now, just want to finalize this thought with some concluding statements.

What happens when you comb through your thoughts

A few things happen.

You start to notice and differentiate between the inside-voice vs your intuition.

The inside-voice is none-other then your pre-progamming that you've accumulated through your years on this planet.

It's the things you've learned and picked up from your environment, family, friends, ect.

It's the belief-systems you've picked up through the years. The ones that are serving you today, and the ones that are not.

Using meditation techniques, you can indeed re-program these thought patterns, unprogramming the ones that aren't serving you, and programming in the ones that will lead to a happier life.

Taking an example from a friend I met traveling...

If, when you were 5 years old, and were at a family function, you decided you wanted to express yourself by busting out a dance move, and your grumpy Aunt laughed and said you looked silly.

For the rest of your LIFE, you will be self-conscious about dancing.

And that my friends, is ridiculous.

The problem is, this pre-progamming is a limiting factor to many peoples happiness.

And for THAT simple fact itself, I advise Meditation.

Because, as human beings, we deserve these tools.

It's a shame that my friend went so many years having an negative emotional impulse to the dance floor because his Aunt was unaware of the power of her words.

The Good News

The good news my friends, is that we are under-going a consciousness revolution.

I've met tons of people in the mindfulness community (early-adopters of meditation), and that number is growing every single day.

And although Meditation isn't mainstream yet, accordingly to a Google Trends query, the interest has nearly doubled in the last 10 years:

So you might be asking yourself, why is this guy so hard-pressed on Meditation? Is the Dalai Lama paying him?

Haha, I wish!

The reason why I'm sharing these insights, because of the following...

I am a firm believer that we are alive in an incredibly beautiful time.

Our generation could quite possibly be the generation that introduces the most amount of evolutionary change and innovation in the shortest amount of time in HISTORY.

The simple answer to that is the advent of the internet.

The internet and the access of information has enabled innovation and evolutionary cycles that are hundreds of times faster than prior generations.

So with all of these evolutionary changes, also comes evolution of human consciousness.

What does that mean?

It basically means a world with more peace, love and harmony.

Less ego, war, corruption and destruction.

And it all starts with each one of us doing our own personal work (meditation), to increase our awareness of self, and our ability to emote, relate, and ... love others.

Crazy, ay?

Not really. This is the beauty of evolution and it's going to happen whether I share this or not.

It's already happening.

I've just noticed it, and happen to enjoy sharing my discoveries.

So, let me ask you?

Do you care about living a happier, more fulfilling life?

Or are you going to pass the torch to the next generation and miss this beautiful opportunity.

The onus is on you.

With much love and respect,